Things To Do….In Corfu! – Logas – Sunset Beach, Peroulades



After the (what seems like) a never-ending countdown, endless bag packing, weighing and re-packing, browsing the airport duty free shops, excitedly heading towards the gate as it’s announced and boarding the plane, you have finally arrived in Corfu! All that matters now is the long sunny days and balmy evenings ahead of you. Now is the time to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. Whether it is your first trip or 31st trip here the same feeling never goes away….



There is plenty of exciting and interesting things to do and see whilst in Corfu so we have introduced a series about all the available activities and places to visit. It will be called ‘Things To Do….In Corfu!’ In this series we will be showcasing all the trips we offer to various points across the island and a little more detail about each of them – in no particular order of which one is best, they are all equally enjoyable depending on what you’re after!



The first in the series is going to focus on a little hidden gem tucked away in the cliffs of the quaint village of Peroulades. Located on the North West coast, about 15 mins away from San Stefanos. You have the choice of dining at the 7th Heaven restaurant (we can pre-book the table for you) with their delicious menu including a mix of seafood, meat dishes, pasta and vegetarian options. Alternatively you can enjoy one of the bars tatsty cocktails and sit admiring the one of a kind view from their cliff front seating. They also have a few swing chairs should you be lucky enough to grab one. The atmosphere is second to none with the relaxed vibes of the music and view coming together for an unforgettable experience.


There is also a glass platform overhanging the cliff edge if you feel brave enough to walk out and look hundreds of feet below to the beach and sea. This spot is a fantastic photo opportunity with the back drop of the setting sun melting into the sea.

The trip is exclusive to San Stefano Travel, it runs every Tuesday from 19:30-22:40 and costs 8 euros per person. Giving you enough time to dine, drink and soak up the ambience. With limited spaces this trip tends to fill up fast so don’t miss out on your chance to visit this unique bar/restaurant and experience 7th Heaven for yourself.




Κράτα το

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